The Ozlex are plant creatures from the planet of thorost but para-sites infection of protues gave the para-site a home world. The para-site researched into the Ozlex and found out that they can harvest electricity to produce a light source so that the Ozlexs can survive in the 50 night eclipse. Para-site decided to use this to his advantage. He infected the population (But rumor has it that the inner cult are immune and protect the reversion temple). Para-site created a branch of these called the ooze. The Ooze had back-up copies of themselves stored so they could reform themselves. The Ooze then decided to overrun the para-sites and slaughtered them. Para-site was said to have escaped carrying the Ooze DNA. The Ooze now have a plan to infect all plant life to inflict darkness on the world without wiping out life.

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