Shadleans are an apparently ghostly species hailing from the planet Scarlanexx. They are beings made entirely of energy; as such, they have a form of ethereality, and the ability to control energy in the form of beams, blades, and other such weaponry.

Physical AttributesEdit

A Shadlean's physical appearance is somewhat similar to a humanoid ghost - the upper body is similar to that of a human, but the lower body amounts to little more than a sort of foot-wisp floating a few inches above the ground, ending where the feet of a human would if said human were also floating at the same height. Facial features consist of a mouth and eyes with the same colour as each other and white pupils, with no other features visible. In addition, Shadleans tend to be born in one of five different colour schemes, ranging between black with red features and white with blue features, with the other three colour schemes falling on 25% boundaries of the greyscale (dark grey (75% black:25% white) variants have green features, light grey (25:75) have yellow features, and medium grey (50:50) have purple features). However, it has not been unknown for a Shadlean to be born with a colour scheme completely different to these - for example, one with a greyscale colouring of 10:90 and turquoise features could easily be brought into existence.


All Shadleans are made entirely from energy upon birth. This gives them several innate abilities shared by all members of the species, including flight, due to having virtually zero mass, survival without oxygen or sustenance, as they have no apparent respiratory or digestive organs, ultra-high speed movement, again due to having virtually zero mass, the ability to control energy, in the form of beams and other weaponry, and ethereality, since being made of energy means that solid matter will go through them unless willed not to. Due to their composition, Shadleans also have a dramatically enhanced healing factor in comparison to humans, as they can simply take a small amount of energy from their surroundings - as a comparison, what would be a severe burn for a human could be healed within a few minutes by a Shadlean, although more major wounds such as the loss of a limb are usually still crippling. In addition, individual Shadleans tend to have at least one other power of note, but usually somewhere close to three or four. These can range between, but are not limited to, immense strength, invisibility, telepathy/telekinesis, voice amplification, healing abilities far beyond even an average Shadlean and time control.


As previously mentioned, Shadleans are composed entirely of energy. As such, solid matter poses no threat to them, simply because such things merely pass through their bodies without dealing damage. Essentially, this means that weaponry such as swords, bullets, bats, directly aimed rockets and other such things are entirely inefficient against them. However, energy-based attacks such as the flames from a flamethrower, explosions, laser fire or, in some cases, their own energy beams are still easily capable of harming them; if a rocket were aimed at the ground below a Shadlean, the explosion would be fairly damaging. However, less concentrated attacks such as a flamethrower assault could be fairly easily shrugged off for at least a short while; the best way to deal with one would be with large amounts of energy, either concentrated, as in a laser shot, or over a large area, as in a nuclear bomb or other suitable explosive device with a large enough energy content.

Energy ControlEdit

Due to being composed of energy, Shadleans have the ability to control the flow of energy around them to some extent. This can manifest itself in a few forms, including powerful energy beams of the same colour as the main body of the Shadlean (this tends to be their primary attack under most circumstances), energy fields to provide defense against more powerful attacks, or thick blade-like weapons around their hands, which are similar to somewhat elongated four-sided pyramids, often with spikes along the edges. However, these blades are hard to form initially, so most Shadleans do not bother trying to do so. Additional control over such energy is difficult, and will usually require a device known as a refocuser, which clamps around the hand, thereby allowing them to create streams of energy in order to find weakpoints on stronger foes and accordingly damage them; this, however is more of a tactical device when usual tactics don't work as well.


Shadlean biology is fairly complex, and generally beyond the understanding of most humans, of which few actually know of the Shadlean species anyway. In essence, though, respiratory organs and digestive organs are non-existant in a Shadlean, as they have no need to consume food, excrete solid waste or breath gases. However, they do seem to have the equivalent of brains and hearts, so to speak; when shot in those general areas with weapons capable of causing damage in a concentrated area such as laser pistols, they will die almost instantly, in a similar fashion to humans.

Bodily FluidsEdit

Shadleans also have bodily 'fluids' within themselves, although how far they can be described as fluids is debatable, seeing as said fluids consist of the same energy as the rest of them. 'Tears' of the same bodily colour and 'saliva' of the same facial feature colour as the Shadlean can be produced by them, produced as 'liquids' in a similar manner to humans, but are volatile in open air, and quickly vaporise and fade into the general energy levels of the surrounding area. At the same time, the energy equivalent of blood is produced incredibly rapidly by Shadleans, to the point that it must be excreted through the outer layer of the Shadlean. Said blood is of the same colour as the main body of the Shadlean, and is even more volatile than the tears and saliva, vaporising almost instantly upon air contact. This results in a permanent haze around the Shadlean, and leaves a sort of trail when the Shadlean is moving, which only adds to the ghostly nature of the Shadlean; it also means that blood loss is never an issue with a Shadlean, even when a limb has been lost or if they have been gored in multiple non-vital areas. As of current, not many bodily fluid samples have been successfully collected due to their volatile nature; there are certainly no samples of the fluids as 'liquids'.

Sleep CyclesEdit

Shadleans generally don't require periods of rest in order to recuperate physically, as their biology means they regenerate constantly rather than rapidly during sleep. However, they can get overworked mentally in the same way humans can if kept working for long stretches of time, and so they tend to work for a while, then take a moderate period of rest before returning to work. Said rest period can involve a large number of things, including shopping for goods, virtual reality simulators or watching devices similar to the television sets of humans.

Sexual Relationships and ChildbirthEdit

Little is known on the subject of sexual relationships between Shadleans and how such things are possible without genitals. What is known is that Shadleans can get aroused to the extent of a human, but seem to be able to control any sexual urges in public areas. Also known is that Shadleans can apparently perform coitus in the same manner no matter what the genders of both, or for that matter, any of the sides involved are. However, despite this similarity, it is still only possible for a child to be born from a male/female relationship, as with larger carbon-based lifeforms, and that said childbirth is almost completely random between unprotected sexual encounters. If pregnancy does occur, the child is seemingly formed within a twelve to twenty four hour period, then brought into existence fairly painlessly by the mother. Raising a child is similar in fashion and timing to raising a human child, in terms of education and nuturing, but obviously, feeding is unrequired for the child.


A Shadlean year is measured as slightly less than five hundred human years, and a Shadlean will live for a similar amount of their years as for a human with human years, which equates to somewhere between seventy and eighty years. When comparing Shadlean years to human years, this means that your average Shadlean will live for between thirty and a half and forty millennia, and considering the fact that they don't sleep, this means that a single Shadlean can do a very large amount of work over the course of their life, depending on how they spend said life. It is not unknown for Shadleans to live for forty five millennia (equivalent to ninety human years), fifty millennia (equal to one human century), or even longer; however, it is unlikely that a Shadlean of older than fifty millennia will continue living for very much longer, as with humans.



Throughout the main course of their life, a Shadlean will act similarly to a young or middle-aged human adult. If allowed to live the course of their life fully, a sequence of events occurs which marks the onset of death in the individual. The Shadlean will quickly become very infirm, and after a period of time, will be unable to stand by themselves. Once this occurs, the entirety of the Shadlean's eyes and mouth will, over the next few hours, slowly fade into the same colour as their main body; once this process is complete, the Shadlean's brain will shut down, and they will cease to live. Their body will remain in existence for roughly one human month, giving time for a funeral to be arranged and for others to pay their last respects, and after this time the Shadlean's body will defragment into large numbers of wisps and fade away.


If a Shadlean is killed off prematurely, be it by accident, through murder or through suicide, the Shadlean's body will defragment into wisps and fade immediately where the Shadlean fell, leaving almost no trace of their death aside from a slightly increased energy content in that area for a few days. This fact is often abused by companies and would-be murderers alike; since there is little evidence that anyone actually died, the companies can claim they fired the employee instead, whilst the murderers can simply wash their hands of the incident, as they are aware that there is little chance of them being caught after some time anyway.


Most Shadlean technology at this point in time is centred around energy similar to what they are composed of. However, some Shadlean technology does consist of solid matter. Most notably of these are devices known as refocusers, which allow Shadleans greater control over the energy they use for offense by clamping onto their arm, allowing for tactical energy streams to be formed in order to find and exploit weaknesses in foes. Also known to exist are their spaceships, which have massive firepower on their own, but are rarely used due to the fact that Shadleans can fly through the vaccuum of space unhindered, and heavy assault droids known as Devastators. These are fired onto the surface of a planet as metallic spheres, then reform into robots similar to metallic, gun barrel-covered Shadleans scaled up by about 1.5 times, and proceed to flood the surrounding area with laser fire. They can clear entire battlefields of infantry in mere seconds, or focus the cannons covering their bodies into one massive cannon, which can fire a giant energy beam capable of piercing through virtually anything, matter or energy. It is also rumoured (correctly) by other space-faring species that the current Shadlean rulers have come up with methods of teleporting matter and energy across space, albeit with a long period afterwards of the teleported being unconscious, and even through time, which remains unconsciousness free as of yet. What's more, said time travel is paradox-free, so long as anything that was supposed to happen as a result of a being getting sent to a time period does happen. Making physical contact with yourself when using this technology is therefore allowed. However, the being will generally need a time-synched device of some kind to allow communication with others across time, and the time a being is allowed to remain in a certain time zone is generally limited to help prevent unnecessary paradoxes, which would require another trip back to prevent the paradox from ever occuring.



Shadlean ruling could be seen as semi-dictatorial - the main government of the planet is run by just five Shadleans, one of each main colouring, who decide as a group what to do with more major issues. However, there have been very few cases of a rebellion against those in power, as they usually try their best to be helpful towards their citizens. In return, these citizens are practically devoted to their rulers at most points in time, and will fight to the death to defend them and their planet if necessary. As a result of this, the rulers will often be seen wandering in public, as it would be unlikely that anyone would make an attempt at their lives. On the rare occasions that this does occur, the offender is given a life sentence in prison, with virtually zero chance of ever being released.


Due to their obviously ghost-like nature and the lack of resources on Scarlanexx, it is rare to see a Shadlean in their environment wearing clothes of any sort. If a human were to do this sort of thing on Earth, it might be seen as disgusting, or perhaps perverted; however, since Shadleans have no obvious genitalia, it is perfectly acceptable for a Shadlean to not have a single garment upon themselves for their entire lifespan. Occasionally, an average Shadlean will wear smart clothes for a special occasion, such as a party, but otherwise, it is generally accepted that clothing is little more than an unrequired luxury.

Racial IssuesEdit

As with humans, the various different colours of Shadleans all contain members which feel that their particular colouring is far superior to any other. As such, these Shadleans often group together in their own colour schemes in small gangs, organised racial crime syndicates, or for the most daring of individuals, one of the five larger 'official' groups located around Scarlanexx, of which all have the ultimate goal of wiping out rulers of the other colours from government, effectively mononising rule to a single 'dominant' colour. These larger groups represent a fairly major threat to most of society; as such, several attempts have been made by most rulers and those beneath them to shut the groups down for good. So far, though, only a few such attempts have been successful, and even then only temporarily.


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