Philomena is a phoenix, of the Family Tempora, who came to be in a bond with Jaye Granger during the events of FAW V: The Nightmare Begins.

She cannot communicate orally, so she uses a form of telepathy based on 'spoken' thought projection into another's mind. Philomena apparently has abilities ranging in time manipulation and assumedly fire as well.

When Jaye was in an unconscious, dream-like state, Philomena met him mentally, then later physically. Being in predestined bond to him, she is very devoted to Jaye and with him most of the time, though she seems to only act as the plot demands. It may also be assumed, though a couple of incidents, that he's fallen in love with her. Yet the backstory regarding the pheonix is not very clear, and little is known of her past other than that there was some terrible incident and she's the last of her family.

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