Mega Z is a human with a variety of powers, a robot arm and a infinite power of magic and a sometimes erratic story within the FAW universe. He is played by the user kingzak13, and, somewhat uniquely in the group, tends to talk entirely in lowercase because he failed school


Mega Z was born in the decaying ruins of an unidentified city, his parents dying shortly afterwards. He was looked after by the people still alive in the town, but unfortunately at age 5 he failed school and was kicked out for killing and defecating upon another student. On his sixteenth birthday, he left the city in a quest for adventure, and to do this he joined the army. During this time, he learned 3 types of unarmed combat, and mastered the use of a variety of guns.

He later joined the FAW team, and after becoming a bizarre werewolf/robot/person fusion, he began a quest to kill several Shadow Core copies. During this time, he ended up hacking a mainframe and firing a variety of missiles into space. He also became the president of a country, which he later abdicated.

After a long gruelling quest which took Mega Z around the world and back through time, he was nearly killed capturing the Devil's Shadow, but in the process, he met a woman, and within a week, he was married and she was pregnant.

Mega Z went to the holding facility of the Devil's Shadow, where he was drugged by the head scientist and placed in cryogenic suspension. During this time, he flashed back to his birth, where he found out he was adopted and that he had two brothers Mega R and another unknown person. Quite a while later, he left his body as a ghost, and eventually managed to wake himself up and escape the prison. He eventually met up with the FAW team, who he followed around for a while without the slightest clue of what was happening.

He later passed out, and woke up in China. After killing a demon with the help of a local man, he was returned to the FAW team, where he helped out massively by managing to steal a staff belonging to the Paradox Master. After this, he continued helping the team out until the final events of FAW VII: The Eye Of The Storm, where the group was sent via portal to a currently unknown location.

he returned at the end of FAW, alter chaos where he and mega z Jr and him formed a crime fighting team. they recently met up with the FAW squad on there next adventure

During FAW the secret mega z Sr and Jr hang out with the FAW group eventually being trapped in some form of AI storage. they are eventually surrounded by the AI's malware protection which is manifested as police.

Prior to them being killed by the malware a ninja like assassin drop into the room and decimates the malware resulting in Sr and Jr escaping

at the end of the secret the two go for a taco but the stand blows up leaving there fate in question

in FAW the end the two have survived and escaped into a nearby apartment complex. which after a long battle the two dive off and manage to escape the assassin on a helicopter

FAW the end ended prematurely leaving there fate in question

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