Jaye C. Granger is.. well, to put it bluntly, a classic example of a human finding their way into the supernatural and rising to the top. At least, most of the time.


Before Jaye met up with and joined FAW at twenty-seven, his life really wasn't that exciting. He's the son of a United States Air Force general and a leading technological scientist, yet neither of his parents influenced him excessively as he went into the field of cryptography for a living. A couple of strange things happened to him before 27, though...

First, his somehow becoming one with a video game character at thirteen. Although Jaye never told anyone, he effectively became a host of multiple personalities by this, though it never really made too much difference. Second, his love of all things temporal - that is, time related - and occasional flashes of precognition and retrocognition.

Then came the fateful day, near the beginning of FAW V: The Nightmare Begins, when he apparently fell through a dream into the ending stages of a battle of FAW against a Hypervention, a monster which assumes the shape of each viewer's worst fear. Meeting first Chris Crippler, Jaye was able to roughly describe the group to the more experienced member, due to precognition, and at this time found that he now had control over time. More things happened, and eventually Nightmare brought most of FAW to his pocket dimension, obtained from the Shadow Core, which Jaye had not forseen. Jaye had his suspicions about Nightmare not actually being Unown, retrocognition telling him that the black ghost wasn't all he seemed, but he didn't have time to question in-depth. At the point that the public revelation came on, Jaye escaped to Hammerspace with Martin and Chris.

After preparations of different types, Jaye's alter ego/other personality (Miles Prower, AKA Tails) manifested himself and built some strange things, before a lightning strike seperated the two from each other and reset Tails' physical form - he's not been seen since. Jaye went on, befriended and apparently formed a bond with a phoenix named Philomena, and when Nightmare threw everything into darkness he escaped with Matt, up to the palace where the latter ruled the Universe.

Jaye had some personal cleansing to do, which Matt helped him with. Through the course of time, Jaye had been...'posessed', for lack of a better term, by Luke, the son of the devil. Jaye fought Luke and eventually defeated him, being raised to the position of a god by Matt when he returned from his mind. Around this time, Nightmare was defeated and incredibly hazardous ghosts began appearing through rips in the fabric of reality. Matt stayed behind to help fix it, urging Jaye on before it got too dangerous. Yet when Matt lost his deity identification card, Jaye was next in command line and assumed the title of Ruler of the Universe. Then he helped destroy the cracks.

In FAW VI: The Last, Jaye kept support on the protagonistic side, as usual. Luke, very much his inverse, coudn't posess Jaye again, but aided the antagonists. However, Jaye was struck at in one of his weaknesses, and his temporal energy molecules, which composed him for the most part, came apart and it would be quite some time before he reformed.

Jaye finally met back up with the team in FAW VII: The Eye of the Storm, having apparently found a temporal sword called Eternity in the meantime. He first met Unown, who was running from an ambiguous voice, and soon inadvertently transformed from human to kitsune (a type of multi-tailed anthropomorphic fox, essentially). Then he started fighting the Paradox Master after causing a recursion and bringing in a duplicate of all members. He didn't do much for the rest of the story, other than reinstituting the randomness field from the first night against Nightmare when FAW fought the evil entity and his new allies.

He has done nothing to date in Portal Entry or following until finally finding time (FAW: The Secret) in his schedule of overseeing the Universe to try and catch back up with the team outside of London, England.

Strengths/Weakesses Edit

This section is under maintenance, and to be completely honest, may never be completed.


(Subsection) Powers - Controls time, has precognizent and retrocognizent visions, can (but almost never does) cause almost anything to happen by his authority and power as the Universe's ruler and head deity. Can take on human or vulpine form at will and might be able to fly as a multi-tailed fox, much as in the far past.

Knows history very well and usually has a pretty good idea of what's going on anywhere at any given time. Able to dechipher and understand written language near-instantaneously, and can adapt quickly to oral language he doesn't previously know.


Doesn't have any. No, not really, he does. I have yet to write them down.


So this is Jaye's bio, at least to date. Time and place: CST 12:16, Wed. Nov. 17, 2010.


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