James McCray is a shapeshifter who was created by the Necromancer Rath inadvertantly, when Rath had pulled him out of his mothers womb and killed both him and the mother, then using necromantic abilities on the fetus. As such, James has the appearance of a large fetus.

Early LifeEdit

James found the group in Faw VI: The Last when he was traveling in a small group of monsters. Later, when the group took a portal into the far past, he volunteered to stay behind, as it would give him more time to track down Rath. However, he was teleported into a large room with Rath, filled with machinery tying him in place. Here, he was tortured, and Rath projected holograms to the members of FAW. He released a huge blast of energy, destroying the room, and causing he and Rath to be fused into Puppet's Puppet. Later, in Faw VII: Eye of the Storm, James, Rath, and all the beings they transformed in were revived when Alpha, Omega, and Epsilon were hit with an extremely powerful bomb, due to several levels of overkill.

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