The scientists of Worldgineers conduct many various experiments, often exploiting the improbability field to their benefits. Here said inventions are listed.


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Sun PortalsEdit

The Sun Portals are a way of gaining immense amounts of energy for all purposes Hammerspace could find. The basis on which they work is somewhat similar to the concept of a Dyson Sphere, with portals substituting for the giant orb placed around a star of choice. It is also possible they somehow tap directly into a star, using its plasma to heat water later used to propel a turbine, much like done in modern, conventional power plants. However, the most accurate description includes the portal indeed being tapped in a star itself, then the raw energy of the plasma being put directly through mass-energy equivalence and used to power items through supernatural means. Those shall be known as the first, second and third way of usage of sun portals.


The Overload is a vest, apparently imbued with immense amounts of power and improbability, with the power possibly being star-sourced, in the third way, and possibly using multiple stars at once, in multiple spots. When worn, it seems to read the wearer's very self, and causes the wearer to gain a classical, fantastic "superpower", so to speak. It is also incredibly resistant to attack, and could easily rival the surface of Hammerspace in durability. When destroyed by some extreme means, much of its power is leaked at once, causing an immense effect of the superpower breaking its limits to unleash all the energy. Side effects also include amplified voice in the wearer.

So far, only a select few users of an Overload are known, including three or more of the main characters. The notable ones include: Unown Entity, which gained the power of gravity control, and Martin Carpen, which gained the power to create anything at a whim in the range of his comprehension.

Only Martin's vest was destroyed so far, with the power leak taking the shape of enough objects being summoned at once their mass alone caused them to collapse into a black hole, utterly destroying Shadow Core's pocket dimension.

Sun BracersEdit

A simple concept of metal bracers widening towards the hands and ending in a flat surface, still leaving hands fitted in protective gloves emerging from said surface. The plain area features a portal, whose other side is open in close proximity of a sun and which can be opened and closed at will. When open, the radiation of a sun, channelled to the bracers and being expelled from the front, makes a not very effective yet useful weapon, with the targets being burnt, ionized or at least severely blinded.

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