Hammerspace is a planet located somewhere in space. Due to it being space, its distance from Earth is possibly thousands of lightyears away. Hammerspace is a notable, unique planet due to its lack of sun, its intrinsic improbability field, and the fact it's used as headquarters for the Worldgineers.

Geography and GeologyEdit

Hammerspace's size is practically identical to that of Earth, with it having about 12800 kilometres of diameter. However, it is more similar to a proper sphere than an oblate one. Due to its lack of a sun, it should be a frozen husk, instead, needed heat is radiated by possibly the planet's core. Hammerspace does have the same atmosphere as Earth. Its surface consists of a material that seems to be utterly indestructible no matter what means are taken - luckily, it seems to provide enough friction for humans to walk on it. The surface is mostly flat, with various hills and holes happening, but being a rather rare occurence, as no seismic activity has ever been noted, and as such the only results of those being attributed to the improbability field. The perceived colour of the surface is brown, and is uniform through the whole surface.

When Hammerspace was first discovered, its temperature was much lower than this of Earth. This has been fixed with a sun portal placed somewhere near the core, providing immense amounts of heat.

Only a small portion of Hammerspace is actually populated, with majority of it being constantly shrouded in darkness due to no sunlight ever happening. All lighting is done manually by humans living there.

Environmental effectsEdit

The mentioned improbability field causes many peculiar happenings on Hammerspace. First off, its shape constantly changes, with terrain's features moving or shifting.

One of the effects is the so called "growing mess". Whenever there is a large pile of objects stacked somewhere on the planet, new objects of similar qualities appear out of nowhere, breaking all physics... or not, if the field is considered, with the needed energy being taken from somewhere, possibly even matter from inside of Hammerspace being transmogrified on a submolecular level and transported via portals.


Worldginners Portals Hammerspace Technology

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